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Welcome to Steyn Signage and Maintenance

Steyn Signage and Maintenance is a specialist Corporate signage company serving both the Public and Private sector. We are capable of producing, either through self manufacturing or through joint ventures with other emerging companies in the industry, a wide range available.

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City of Cape Town work by Steyn Signage


Steyn Signage & Maintenance worked closely with the City of Cape Town, in preparation to stage the 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP, one of the biggest sporting events this country has ever experienced.


charities, orphanages, previously disadvantaged groups

Giving Back To Our Community

Since it’s establishment Steyn Signage & Maintenance has reached out to various charities, orphanages, previously disadvantaged groups & sporting clubs as a gesture of giving back to our community.


highly skilled and trained staff at Steyn Signage

Highly Skilled and Trained Staff

Specialised signage manufactured in house to suite your tailored requirements. Our highly skilled and trained staff are equipped to produce high end signage with the quality and craftsmanship that is synonymous with signs Steyn Signage and Maintenance has manufactured and installed.